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About me

After 25 years in healthcare I have decided to give back to those who want to do more for themselves than the “Health System” will allow them.   

Along the way I have  made mistakes, celebrated victories,  made friends, and learned from others. I have been burned out, excited, praised, promoted, sacked, and sued. Personally I have reversed my hypertension, myopia, arthritis and high cholesterol without medications and improved my overall quality of life. Several years ago, I began competing in triathlons and achieved a ranking of 37th in my age group nationally. I have been married to my wife for more than 20 years now as we have raised our 4 children.

I have created this site to share with others what I have trialed, failed, learned and experienced 
over the last two decades as I strove to improve my health and wellbeing. 

√ Restore the passion in your life

√ Improve your quality of life

√ Feel better about yourself